First, You Explore

by sccantab

You know that feeling that every child has when they discover something new, something exciting, for the first time? It could be a bright yellow caterpillar crawling up the deck rail, or a connect-the-dots in the night sky. We don’t have to lose this sense of wonder as we get older, but we have to encourage it and let it blossom. That’s why we’re so excited here at Young Palmetto Books about one of the forthcoming books in our series: First, You Explore.

First, You Explore is a reprint of Rachel Haynie’s children’s picture book about the young Charles Townes. Townes invented the MASER and developed the principles of the subsequent LASER as we know it, eventually winning the Nobel Prize for his work. His passion for science all got started in the lush outdoors of the South Carolina Upstate. First, You Explore illustrates young Charlie’s exploration of the natural world and shows how he and his family nurtured that fascination so it stayed with him as he grew up. It’s a wonderful book that teaches about the inner explorer in all of us and reminds us of the wonder and beauty in the world surrounding us.

We’re also really excited because First, You Explore, appearing this fall, will come out just in time for the SC State Museum’s much anticipated Windows to New Worlds. Due to open in 2014, this new facility will include an on-site and online observatory and classroom, 55-foot digital planetarium dome and theater, 4D multisensory theater, plus an outdoor telescope viewing terrace and distance learning studio. It’s going to be a great opportunity for people around the state to feed their fascination and will help them explore this world and new ones.