Sharing Katie’s Cabbage

by sccantab

Most people know that here at YPB we publish stories for the young people of South Carolina, but you might be surprised to hear that we also publish stories by the young people of South Carolina. And they sure have some stories to tell!

One upcoming story that we’re looking forward to is Katie’s Cabbage. Written by the heroine herself, Katie Stagliano, with Michelle Martin, USC’s Augusta Baker Chair in Childhood Literacy, this book follows 3rd grade Katie as she grows a cabbage of massive proportions and figures out what to do with it. She decides to donate the giant vegetable to a local soup kitchen, where it feeds families for days. This one simple act planted the seed for something even bigger: Katie’s Krops.

After seeing the good achieved by planting and growing healthful food and giving it to those in need, Katie wanted to do more. With the help of other non-profits, her kindergarten, and he family, Katie created Katie’s Krops, a non-profit dedicated to helping kids grow community gardens to donate fruits and vegetables to soup kitchens and shelters. The organization gives grants to kids to start their community gardens and provides gardening and giving advice and assistance. Last year, Katie was honored with the Clinton Global Citizen Award, and she’s been featured in Elegant Living and People Magazines. She continues to grow her now multiple gardens to help families in need.

We can’t wait to help Katie tell her story. Katie’s Cabbage can serve as true inspiration for our other South Carolina youngsters (and the rest of us!) and shows that small actions can help make our communities better.