Grow and Cook for Life

by sccantab

The harvest keeps rolling in, and so does press recognition for books in the Young Palmetto Books series! Patricia Moore-Pastides’ Greek Revival from the Garden: Growing and Cooking for Life, one of YPB’s debut books that came out at the beginning of the summer, is gaining more and more coverage and has just been featured in Sumter’s The Item.

Why is the second book from USC’s First Lady making so many headlines? Well, if you’ve ever tried any of Patricia’s recipes, you’ll know that they win hands-down in terms of deliciousness and easiness to prepare. But it’s also about the story and the mission behind the book. As Ivy Moore pointed out in her article, “Patricia Moore-Pastides doesn’t just worry about the health of Americans, she’s doing something about it.”

Grow your own veggies and cook them

Greek Revival from the Garden teaches you not only how to cook following The Mediterranean Diet (TMD), a healthy way of eating that has proven its benefits time and time again, but also how to incorporate it easily into your daily life, especially if you are a young adult or novice cook. In her conversational and immediately familiar voice, Patricia introduces beginners to the joys and ease of growing healthful foods and using them in your daily meals. She also explains how the food choices you make affect your body and shows how TMD choices cut down on “bad” fats and carbs and boost your intake of fresh veggies and fruits, beans and nuts, whole grains, good fats, and plant-based sources of protein. ┬áIt’s a great book to get your started on a better, tastier lifestyle.

Read the full article here, and check out sample recipes from Patricia’s site.