Baby, It’s Cold Outside (and we’re hungry!)

by Brie White



These icy temperatures are brutal for both born and raised, as well as adopted, South Carolinians. With the cooler climate comes the desire for warm, comfort food and Patricia Moore- Pastides, USC’s first lady, provides many options in her Young Palmetto Books published, Greek Revival: From The Garden, Growing and Cooking for Life.

The cookbook, an add-on to her original Greek Revival, Cooking For Life, is all-encompassing, taking young readers and their families on a food filled journey that starts in the garden. The book includes explanation behind the TMD (the traditional Mediterranean diet), instructional information about the art of gardening and how to produce a successful garden year round, and a selection of recipes created from vegetables that the reader has been taught how to grow.

Recipes that are targeted for the colder months include: Chunky Savory Tomato Sauce (for pasta or pizza!) from the tomato section. Kale Soup with Butter Beans categorized under beans, and under winter squashes, soup such as the Curried Butternut-Squash and Apple are also winter staples. Fisherman’s Vegetable Stew highlights both the perfect warm meal and the TMD’s vast use of fish and other seafood.

Which recipes from Greek Revival: From the Garden are you eager to try?