An Intern’s Perpective

by Brie White

As a Wofford student, the month of January offers me the unique opportunity to intensify one area of study with an interim project and now, in my last week, I know that interning here at SCCCBL (The South Carolina Center of Children’s Books and Literacy is the home of Young Palmetto Books and it’s series editor, Kim Shealy Jeffcoat.) was the perfect choice.

When I was looking for an internship for this interim, I’ll be honest, I didn’t know that SCCCBL existed, and I hadn’t heard of Young Palmetto Books. By happenstance, I was pointed in the right direction and got in touch with Kim, who as a Wofford graduate knew what I needed in an interim. From my first day, I was quickly submerged in the world that is SCCCBL and all it’s derivatives. For example, Cocky’s Reading Express, a literacy outreach program housed and supported by SCCCBL is hugely influential in ways I had no idea of. I had the privilege of attending a trip to Calhoun County, and I got to see two elementary school’s relationships with the program. Children light up at the sight of Cocky, and Cocky encouraging their reading is hugely beneficial. I learned that placing emphasis on literacy and acknowledging its importance makes a difference.

Through my work here at the center, with Young Palmetto Books, I have learned so much about how all-encompassing publishing is. I assumed it was a complicated process, but honestly didn’t know the half of it. Last Thursday, January 22, I had the opportunity to sit on a meeting held for the Series Editorial Board. This further added to my perspective of not only what it takes to bring a manuscript into a published piece of literature, but also of how a series, such as Young Palmetto Books, takes multiple submissions through the process at the same time. The process is not a short one, that’s for sure. Each book that is coming out of this series has been nurtured, selected and groomed to become a contribution that fulfills all the requirements of the collection, and appeals to audiences of different viewpoints.

On this last week of my internship, as I’m savoring the last of this experience, my reflections can be summed up fairly easily: 2015 is going to be a tremendous year for Young Palmetto Books, SCCCBL, and Cocky’s Reading Express, and I’m grateful to be a part of it.