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Katie’s Cabbage – Continued News Exposure

by Brie White

The Young Palmetto Book Series, of the USC Press, has been extremely busy welcoming their newest book, Katie’s Cabbage, to the collection. Described as, “the charming story of one girl’s ambitious dream to end hunger, beginning with her cabbage farm”, Katie’s Cabbage, is influential and insightful, encouraging those of all ages and resources to make a difference in the issue of world hunger. Because of these qualities, the releases of Katie’s Cabbage, as well as the events following, have provided significant positive recognition for Katie Stagliano, the now 16-year-old author, and the contributors to the book’s publication.

Coverage of Katie’s story includes NBC Nightly News, where Katie’s goal of having 500 gardens in all 50 states is highlighted. This goal was created following the creation of Katie’s Krops, Stagliano’s nonprofit organization, which has, so far, started 80 gardens in 29 states. Katie’s Cabbage tells the story of the lone cabbage seedling that started Katie’s philanthropic journey – one that has been recognized for fighting hunger and agricultural ingenuity by Katie’s received Clinton Global Citizen Award.

Also acknowledging the publication of Katie’s book is AndNowUKnow’s Produce Industry News, sighting Katie’s sponsorships from organizations such BiLo, and quoting Kim Shealy Jeffcoat, editor of Young Palmetto Books, in support of the contribution that Katie’s Cabbage makes to the series as a whole.

In a recent interview with The Post and Courier, Katie says the book is centered on her desire to inspire other children, “I hope that by sharing my story, it will show how small actions can lead to big dreams and have a huge impact.” The publication of Katie’s Cabbage will surely do so.

Young Palmetto Book’s focus on educational, South Carolina based children and young adult literature has made for a collection in which Katie’s Cabbage fits perfectly. With so much positive press upon Katie’s Cabbage release, as exemplified here, the book’s continued success is certain.


Grow and Cook for Life

by sccantab

The harvest keeps rolling in, and so does press recognition for books in the Young Palmetto Books series! Patricia Moore-Pastides’ Greek Revival from the Garden: Growing and Cooking for Life, one of YPB’s debut books that came out at the beginning of the summer, is gaining more and more coverage and has just been featured in Sumter’s The Item.

Why is the second book from USC’s First Lady making so many headlines? Well, if you’ve ever tried any of Patricia’s recipes, you’ll know that they win hands-down in terms of deliciousness and easiness to prepare. But it’s also about the story and the mission behind the book. As Ivy Moore pointed out in her article, “Patricia Moore-Pastides doesn’t just worry about the health of Americans, she’s doing something about it.”

Grow your own veggies and cook them

Greek Revival from the Garden teaches you not only how to cook following The Mediterranean Diet (TMD), a healthy way of eating that has proven its benefits time and time again, but also how to incorporate it easily into your daily life, especially if you are a young adult or novice cook. In her conversational and immediately familiar voice, Patricia introduces beginners to the joys and ease of growing healthful foods and using them in your daily meals. She also explains how the food choices you make affect your body and shows how TMD choices cut down on “bad” fats and carbs and boost your intake of fresh veggies and fruits, beans and nuts, whole grains, good fats, and plant-based sources of protein.  It’s a great book to get your started on a better, tastier lifestyle.

Read the full article here, and check out sample recipes from Patricia’s site.

Greek Revival on the Television

by sccantab

Mrs. Patricia Moore-Pastides is at it again, sharing a delicious recipe with WLTX viewers around the Midlands. The recipe is from her latest book, Greek Revival from the Garden, which comes out with Young Palmetto Books this month. Have a watch for some good tips for healthy famly cooking!

Hitting the Airwaves

by sccantab

Next Wednesday, June 5, we’ll be spreading the word about Young Palmetto Books all across South Carolina’s airwaves. Series Editor Kim Shealy Jeffcoat will join Mike Switzer for an interview on the South Carolina Business Review, a program from SC ETV Radio that airs on 8 public radios across the state at 7:52am weekday mornings.

Kim will talk about how YPB got started and send out a call to all writers and illustrators in SC that we’re open for submissions. With over 20,000 listeners across the state, we hope we’ll catch some talent.

Tune into your local ETV Radio station on June 5th at 7:52 in the morning while you’re in the shower or on the way to work. Here’s the list of stations:

South Carolina Educational Television
WRJA-FM 88.1     Sumter
WNSC-FM 88.9     Rock Hill
WLJK-FM 89.1      Aiken
WJWJ-FM 89.9     Beaufort
WHMC-FM 90.1   Conway
WSCI-FM 89.3      Charleston
WEPR-FM 90.1     Greenville
WLTR-FM 91.3     Columbia

If you’re out of the state, listen live online here, or if you happen to miss the show, the podcast will be available here.

Double Trouble

by sccantab

Jonathan Haupt and Kim Jeffcoat proudly gracing the cover of InterCom.

Jonathan Haupt and Kim Jeffcoat proudly gracing the cover of InterCom.

Young Palmetto Books found itself featured not only once but TWICE in the Spring 2013’s issue of InterCom. InterCom, the bi-annual publication of USC’s College of Mass Communications and Information Studies, gets the word out to alumni and donors about all the great things that are happening at USC, and we’re honored to have made the cut twice in one issue.

In the first article, Jonathan Haupt and Kim Jeffcoat teamed up to give InterCom a good look into the why and how behind Young Palmetto Books. Kim discussed the large gap in good children’s literature relating to South Carolina and by authors and illustrators with ties to the state. Jonathan shared one of the longer term goals of the initiative: “To share South Carolina’s history and culture with younger groups of readers and get them excited at an early age, so that they continue to be interested and invested in those topics as adults.”

Our second appearance gives a peak into an exciting book forthcoming from YPB: AIDS in the Endzone. USC researchers Dr. Karen Gavigan and Dr. Kendra Albright and South Carolina artist Sarah Petrulis are creating this graphic novel in collaboration with a group of young men from the SC Department of Juvenile Justice. Drawing on the insight and brainstorming of the team from DJJ as well as their own experience in HIV education, the authors and illustrator believe this novel will make a significant impact against HIV transmission among teens. “If you look at the research, we have every reason to believe it will work,” Dr. Albright told InterCom. We believe it will work too, so that’s why YPB has secured it under advance contract.

The researches and artist

The researchers and artist.

For more information, check out the full articles here and see another write-up on AIDS in the Endzone here.

Young Palmetto Books on National TV!

by sccantab

This weekend, Young Palmetto Books reached book-lovers across the nation! C-SPAN’s BookTV featured the South Carolina Center for Children’s Books and Literacy (SCCCBL) and Young Palmetto Books on Sunday, May 19, during its program on Columbia, SC.

SCCCBL Executive Director and YPB Series Editor Kim Jeffcoat met with BookTV at our location in downtown Columbia to discuss SCCCB’s literacy outreach work and the mission of Young Palmetto Books. Kim pointed out that we’re setting a precedent for the nation here in South Carolina, because no other university press has a children’s book imprint or gives special attention to publishing children’s material.

YPB Series Editor Kim Jeffcoat talks about the great books coming out with YPB and the exciting things happening in South Carolina.

YPB Series Editor Kim Jeffcoat talks about the great books coming out with YPB and the exciting things happening in South Carolina.

The future for both YPB and SCCCBL is exciting. Kim gave BookTV’s viewers a hint about what’s to come as we begin to integrate technology into SCCCBL’s literacy outreach program. It will be a perfect match for the tech side of what we’re doing with Young Palmetto Books, publishing e-book versions of every title in our series.

For a full inside look at SCCCBL and YPB, check out the full clip here and let us know what you think!

An Epicurean delight!

by sccantab

Epicurious has featured Young Palmetto Books’ Greek Revival from the Garden: Growing and Cooking for Life by Patricia Moore-Pastides, in its “epi-log” blog on food news. This review of the book highlights how great this resource is for helping families, young adults, and other food novices truly take control of their diet and stay healthy. Book jacket for Greek Revival from the Garden

At our pre-launch party a few weeks ago, Patricia shared with us that she’s included a recipe from Katie Stagliano in her cookbook. Katie, pictured here with Patricia and Cocky, started the hot non-profit initiative, Katie’s Krops, which helps youth start community gardens around the nation. YPB will be publishing Katie’s story, Katie’s Cabbage, later this summer, so get excited!

Patricia Moore-Pasrides, Cocky, and Katie Stagliano

National Appearance

by sccantab

Usually it’s Cocky who gets all the attention around here, but recently he’s had to make room in the spotlight for Young Palmetto Books! Publishers Weekly just featured an article about us — “Univ. of South Carolina Press Launches Young Palmetto Books” — throwing YPB onto the national radar. We’ve already been getting excellent attention around the state in The State, The Post & Courier, and The Orangeburg Times and Democrat, and we hope this new national appearance will be just the beginning of good fortune for YPB on the national stage.

Check out the articles and let us know what you think!

Making the Top Five

by sccantab

Young Palmetto Books is on a roll with national coverage! Our launch made it into the top five publishing news stories of the week for 4/15 – 4/19, as named by Publishing Trendsetter. This weekly update highlights the top stories of the publishing industry, and needless to say, we’re excited to make that shortlist.

Young Palmetto Books Preparing for Launch!

by sccantab

Kim Jeffcoat, Director of SCCCBL, and Jonathan Haupt, head of the USC Press, launch the Young Palmetto Books imprint.

Kim Jeffcoat, Director of SCCCBL, and Jonathan Haupt, head of the USC Press, the movers and shakers behind Young Palmetto Books.

We’re excited about the upcoming launch of Young Palmetto Books (YPB), the new children’s books imprint of USC Press! This new series reflects the University of South Carolina’s growing interests in K-12 outreach and will expand USC Press’s efforts to benefit younger generations of readers. YPB is being founded in partnership with The South Carolina Center for Children’s Books and Literacy (SCCCBL), the statewide literacy initiative famous for the interactive literacy outreach program, Cocky’s Reading Express.

Our series editor and executive director of SCCCBL, Kim Jeffcoat, and the head of USC Press, Jonathan Haupt, have been hard at work making YPB a reality and — as we’re already seeing — a success. Our official launch will take place at the SC Book Festival, May 17-19, in Columbia — stay tuned for more details! — but YPB is already garnering national attention.

Katie Stagliano (YPB author), Cocky (superstar), and Patricia Moore-Pastides (YPB author)

Katie Stagliano (YPB author), Cocky (superstar), and Patricia Moore-Pastides (YPB author)

We couldn’t wait for the official launch to have a party, so we celebrated our excitement on Tuesday evening, April 9th, with a pre-launch reception at SCCCBL. The highlights of the evening included appearances by YPB authors, delicious lemon triangles, and of course, the star of the show — Cocky. The leaders of YPB, Kim and Jonathan, introduced the series, sharing with us their joint vision for the imprint, USC Press, and literacy in the Palmetto State.

Patricia Moore-Pastides, USC’s First Lady and author of one of our first books, Greek Revival from the Garden: Growing and Cooking for Life, shared with us the inspiration for her young adult cookbook and the process of putting it together — and gave us some delicious recipes to try at home! Other authors of YPB books soon to be published, including Katie Stagliano, founder of the nationally lauded Katie’s Krops, joined us for the evening and shared their own stories and experiences. You can see a video of the event in this lovely article in the University news.

We already have two books ready for print — Fragments of the Ark by Louise Meriwether and Greek Revival from the Garden: Growing and Cooking for Life by Patricia Moore-Pastides — with four others nearing completion and plenty more submissions and drafts in the works. The next few months are going to be busy!